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Office Print

CAG Print Solutions specialise in the supply and support of both Ricoh and Lexmark office products so that we can offer a wide range of equipment to suit the needs of any organisation. All of our devices are supported and installed by our experienced team of engineers to ensure a seamless transition from your current printer fleet with the minimum disruption to your operations.

We offer a managed print service which gives our service team the power to provide accurate management information for all our customer`s devices, enhancing our ability to provide excellent managed prints services. Although this offers many benefits, one of our main rewards is the automatic toner ordering as soon as your toner level hits 20%, it also ensures that the billing is accurate as well.

We are currently managing to save businesses up to 40% off their current spends, whilst upgrading their machines at the same time. (THIS ALSO APPLIES WITH TIME LEFT ON THE CURRENT CONTRACT) and have engineers based all over the UK, which enables us to offer our services nationally and can boast about our four hour call out services when required.

Production Printers

Ricoh’s range of high-speed, high-capacity printers offers robust solutions for commercial printers and in-house departments alike. Whether you’re after a continuous feed printer for high volume invoice runs or a large format device for exhibition graphics, our energy efficient range provides superior image quality and clever features for specialised tasks.


CAG offer a number of software solutions from the UK’s leading specialists in print management so your organisation can control, view and manage your printing needs at the click of a button whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Printer Hacks


Most of us are conscious about the Internet and Security on our PC’s but how may of us are aware that our printers can be hacked too? This may come as a surprise to many.

There was a documented security stunt by the PewDiePie hackers in which they made 50,000 printers create posters for the vlogger PewDiePie. The hackers can also capture sensitive information whist it is being printed.

It is most important that sensitive information is kept safe as data protection breaches can be a nightmare and devastating to a business.

Security in Printing

The Care and Education industries are becoming more security conscious in this digital age. Using ID Scanning and Passwords to collect classified documents.

Security and Technology integration is a key aspect of today’s market.

What is Secure Print?

Secure Print is a security and safety feature requiring a HDD (hard disk drive) which allows different users to print documents securely. Thus, giving the user the piece of mind that their confidential documents are secure and protected.

To use the Secure Print function, each user will have their own password for the printer and instead of printing automatically, the document is stored until the password is entered. Meaning that no other user has access to their classified documents.